Humboldt Sharpshooters

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promote shooting sports

The Humboldt Sharpshooters has developed a program consisting of two parts. They believe that a solid education in gun safety is the foundation for preventing gun accidents and the continuation of shooting sports. Therefore, the first part of the program is a classroom curriculum that instructs the students in the basics of gun safety and handling. They utilize the safety curriculum published by Daisy©. Their curriculum focuses on the 10 Rules of Gun Safety, and includes both classroom instruction and hands-on participation activities. The course does not replace the HuntSAFE Course, required by the state of South Dakota for kids to hunt. However, the curriculum well prepares students to take the HuntSAFE Course.

The second part of the program focuses on competitive shooting. The sport of competitive shooting is unique from all other sports in several ways. Anyone can compete in shooting sports, regardless of height, weight, gender and age. It can provide lifelong enjoyment as well as college and career opportunities.

South Dakota Hunting

The Humboldt Sharpshooters is a shooting club that was established to promote shooting sports by providing shooting education to area youth. Since 1998, the club has educated hundreds of kids in shooting sports and gun safety and has provided opportunity for shooters to compete locally and nationally.

Their club has a proud tradition of producing collegiate shooters, state and national champions and state and national record holders; while adding positive activity to youth’s lives through shooting sports. Through these efforts, the Humboldt Sharpshooters are producing champions in sport