We support teachers every year by assisting them in attending the American Wilderness Leadership School.  Teachers learn how to teach stewardship of the land, integrate stewardship with class discussions and develop outdoor recreational skill.

Tailfeather Camp offers a unique one week camping experience to children ages 11-15. Our mission is to highlight South Dakota’s vast outdoor opportunities to our youth and build strong families through hunting and fishing traditions.

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PDR Youth Hunt

American Wilderness Leadership School

Tailfeather Camp



Our youth are the future care givers of our land. The Sioux Empire Chapter of SCI is working to teach our children the respect, responsibility and discipline needed to watch over the earth. Help fund youth education programs by donating to the Sioux Empire Chapter of SCI.

Humboldt Sharpshooters


This fundraiser goes to finance SCI - Sioux Empire Chapter's many projects.  Money raised will promote youth hunter education, wildlife projects, conservation and more. Event to include live and silent auctions, raffles, and a "Winner Take All" table. Help preserve and defend today's outdoors for tomorrow's generation!

Through a cooperative effort with the government of Mozambique, members of SCI - Sioux Empire Chapter in Sioux Falls have built a successful rural school. School children have been provided with textbooks, modern utilities and a proper education.

The PDR Youth Hunt began in 2008. Held in Clark, SD, the hunt is meant to honor Payton Rasmussen whose life was taken by spinal meningitis in 1999. The P.D.R. Youth Hunt allows young children with disabilities to enjoy a carefree weekend of hunting where friends and memories are made.

Annual Banquet Fundraiser

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South Dakota Hunting

The Humboldt Sharpshooters is a shooting club that was established to promote shooting sports by providing shooting education to area youth. Since 1998, the club has educated hundreds of kids in shooting sports and gun safety and has provided opportunity for shooters to compete locally and nationally.